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Riena Getting started

Riena Project > Getting Started

Getting Started

Getting started contains documentation about how to use the various aspects of Riena.

Setup for writing apps based on Riena

To use The Riena downloaded milestone, you need to setup an Eclipse IDE together with a target environment. These steps should roughly describe how to do that.

  • get an Eclipse IDE (3.3 or higher)
  • create a directory for the target plugin environment (empty)
  • unzip in there the eclipse-equinox-SDK (ca. 5.9 MB) (3.3 or higher)
  • unzip in there the eclipse-RCP-SDK (ca 20 MB) (3.3 or higher)
  • copy in there from the orbit repository( the javax.servlet plugin (v2.4)
  • copy in there from the orbit repository (same as above) the org.junit plugin version 3.8
  • point the target plugin environment to this newly created directory

that should resolve all dependencies....

Of course this is quite an early stage for putting apps on top of Riena.

Remote Services

Remote Services in Riena are based on OSGi Services. So this Getting Started shows how standard OSGi Services can be first published as webservice endpoints and then second how they can be consumed by a client.

Getting Started with Remote Service


Security in Riena is JAAS based. That means you have Subject, Principal(s), LoginModule and Permissions. Just the standard Java objects from the JAAS packages. Riena adds the distribution aspect to it, so that a login on the client gets processed on the server. It also deals with make the current Subject (a container for Principals) avaiblable on client and in the server thread where remote service calls are processed.

Getting Started using Security (JAAS) based in Riena


Object Transaction are a base technology to track changes in large object nets and minimize only changed properties between client and server after the initial load of the object net.

Injecting Services and Extensions

Services and Extensions are the building blocks of Eclipse RCP applications. Riena´s lightweight and programmatic approach of injecting services and extensions eases component development and testing.

Getting Started with Injecting Services and Extensions

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