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Riena/System Properties

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Riena System Properties

There are few system properties that control Riena's behavior in production, development, testing, etc. This page collects them and explains them shortly.

System Properties
property name type default value affects description
riena.development boolean true Logging if true (default) and no logging has been configured, logging will produce output to System.out/err
riena.loglevel String "warn" Logging Log level settings for the org.eclipse.riena.core.logging.SystemPropertyLogFilter, possible values: "debug", "info", "warn", "error" and "none"
riena.manualproxies String null Communication allows to set manual internet proxy settings. See also: org.eclipse.riena.communication.core.proxyselector.ManualProxySelector
org.eclipse.equinox.http.jetty.http.port int null Communication Gets the jetty http port
riena.container.type String null Core This system property may be used to tell Riena bundles (who needs that!) whether they are running on the server or the client. This value is usually retrieved automatically. Possible values are: "server" and "client"
riena.application.width int 800 UI defines the initial width of the application window
riena.application.height int 600 UI defines the initial height of the application window
HIDE_DISABLED_RIDGET_CONTENT boolean true UI controls whether disabled ridget do hide their content
riena.lnf.update.view boolean false UI If true the Look&Feel settings are also applied for the widgets of the view. This is not a default behaviour because the settings only works for some properties of the SWT Widgets and also depends on the operations system. boolean true Security if false allows unauthenticated web service requests - Server property
riena.testing boolean false UI testing docu needed here

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