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Riena/RAP Support

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This page is a whiteboard with information about running Riena on RAP and known issues.

Getting Started

See readme.txt in org.eclipse.riena.releng.rap for the most current information.

Known Issues

This is ongoing work. Expect more issues to be added.

  • [ui] Error Marker decoration does not show
  • [ui] Splash Dialog is not supported in RAP - affects riena login mechanism
  • [ui] Custom text ridgets (numeric, decimal, date) don't work because of differences in event handling
  • [ui] Dialog based classes (RienaMessageDialog, UIProcessWindow) don't work - their renderer needs single-sourcing
  • [ui] DatePicker - icon on 'picker' button missing
  • [ui] InfoFlyout does not work (animation)
  • [ui] Playground - Link/Browser demo - link needs two clicks before browser is updated
  • [navi] Navigation model does not support multiple users (singleton)
  • [navi] Submodules (i.e. tree element) sometimes need two clicks before the corresponding view is shown
  • [rap] No support for keyboard shortcuts / mnemonics
  • [rap] Widget traversal by hitting TAB

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