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This page is a start page that describes the current situation of Riena running on E4.


  • Start an Eclipse IDE with an empty workspace
  • Go to Target Platform in Preferences and setup two Target Platforms
  • Select 3.8 as your active target platform
  • Clone the Riena Repo from Git using the URL git://
  • open the org.eclipse.riena.releng projectSet.psf file and checkout the projects that are listed there into your workspace
  • all the remaining "compile errors" are because there is no API baseline set, you can change the warning for that to ignore (in the Preferences) and you should have a workspace with no compile errors for 3.8

Start the example

  • Start the launcher "SWT Example Application", make sure you switch to the plugins tab and click "Add required plug-ins"
  • If all goes well that should bring up a working Riena example client

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