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Retrieve Session information in Script (BIRT)

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This example illustrates retrieving data from session.

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This example collects information from the session in the beforeFactory EventHandler using JavaScript. This information is loaded into a Map. The Map is then parsed in a Scripted Data Source and the results are displayed in the report.

Before Factory
// Create a hash table which will contain lists of other lists
var topMap = new Packages.java.util.Hashtable();

// Request Attributes
var request = reportContext.getHttpServletRequest();
var requestAttrMap = new Packages.java.util.Hashtable();
var attrNames = request.getAttributeNames();
do {
      var aName = attrNames.nextElement();
      requestAttrMap.put(aName, request.getAttribute(aName).toString());
} while (attrNames.hasMoreElements())
topMap.put("requestAttributes", requestAttrMap);
// Request Parameters
var requestParamMap = new Packages.java.util.Hashtable();
var paramIter = request.getParameterMap().entrySet().iterator();
      var entry = paramIter.next();
      requestParamMap.put(entry.getKey(), (entry.getValue()[0]));	
} while (paramIter.hasNext())

// Session Attributes
var sessionAttrMap = new Packages.java.util.Hashtable();
var session = request.getSession();
// Insert a variable on the session
session.setAttribute("ReportAttribute", "arbitrary value to pass to container");
var sessionAttrNames = session.getAttributeNames();
var i = 0;
do  {
      i ++;
      var aaa = sessionAttrNames.nextElement();
      sessionAttrMap.put(aaa, session.getAttribute(aaa));
} while (sessionAttrNames.hasMoreElements()) 
topMap.put("sessionAttributes", sessionAttrMap);	

// Get the system properties
topMap.put("systemProps", Packages.java.lang.System.getProperties());

// Store top map as a global
reportContext.setPersistentGlobalVariable("topMap", topMap);
Open Script for the Scripted Data Set
aMap = reportContext.getPersistentGlobalVariable("topMap");
topIter = aMap.entrySet().iterator();
if (topIter == null)
     topIterator = new Packages.java.util.Iterator();
     Packages.java.util.logging.Logger.getLogger("").info("OPEN NULL " );
innerIter = null;	

Fetch Script for the Scripted Data Set
{ // find an innerIter that has a new value
      if (innerIter == null || innerIter.hasNext() == false)
      { 	// no value in the inner iterator, get the next Hashtable out of the toHashtable
             if (topIter.hasNext())
                   outerObject = topIter.next(); 
                   innerIter = outerObject.getValue().entrySet().iterator();
             { // no more top hash tables. close things up
                   return false;
while (innerIter.hasNext() == false)

// we must have another innerIter
innerObject = innerIter.next();

row["propName"] = innerObject.getKey();
row["propValue"] = innerObject.getValue().toString();
row["propType"] = outerObject.getKey();
return true;


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