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Remus/Icon Replacement

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This page tracks the replacements of the icons. We're using currently a commercial icons set which needs to be replaced due to its incompatibility to the EPL.

The table is listing all icons that are not compatible with the EPL and their replacement (the New link). If no origin is specified the icons come from the bundles that are shipped with an initial Eclipse SDK download.

All flag images were replaced by the FamFamFam Flag Set[1]
/org.eclipse.remus.common.ui/images/notification/* Icons from Mylyn
/org.eclipse.remus.common.ui/images/* Icons from the Eclipse Workbench
/org.eclipse.remus.core/icons/full/* Generated Icons from EMF
/org.eclipse.remus.core/icons/iconexperience/folder_blue.png Old New
/org.eclipse.remus.core/icons/iconexperience/bookmark_blue.png Old New
/org.eclipse.remus.core/icons/iconexperience/folder_green_network.png Old New (from Subversive-Icons)
/org.eclipse.remus.core/icons/iconexperience/folder_green.png Old New
/org.eclipse.remus.efs/icons/iconexperience/wizards/new_encryptedproject_wizard.png Old New
/org.eclipse.remus.efs/icons/iconexperience/wizards/unlock_project.png Old New
/org.eclipse.remus.efs/icons/iconexperience/encrypted_project_new.png Old New
/org.eclipse.remus.efs/icons/iconexperience/folder_green.png Old New
/org.eclipse.remus.efs/icons/iconexperience/lock.png Old New
/org.eclipse.remus.efs/icons/iconexperience/ok.png Old New
/org.eclipse.remus.efs/icons/iconexperience/sign_warning.png Old New
/org.eclipse.remus.js/gif/ajax-loader.gif Generated image from
/org.eclipse.remus.js/gif/transparent.gif Self made.

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