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Remus/Elimination of IP Blockers

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There are some major issues which will prevent the Remus Developers to commit their sources to the Eclipse Repository. This page should track the status of the issues.


Most of the icons are part of the commercial icon set from Incors[1]. This icons needs to completely replaced by icons which license is compatible with the EPL. In addition we have to think about creating our own icons (regarding icons where we cannot find any adequate free alternative).

Status: Ok green.gif

HTML Editor

The current HTML Editor is a very important widget in this project. The current implementation uses an embedded tinyMCE editor, which is licensed under LGPL, which is not compatible with the EPL. We have to replace tinyMCE with CKEditor which is already approved.

Status: Progress.gif We started replacing the underlying JavaScript component and are using CkEditor[2]. Plan is to host this widget under the Mylyn project, for a trackback see bug 319018

SourceCode Pretty Printer

The underlying source code formatter for the information type "SourceCode" is based on the bundles from Eclipse-Colorer[3] which is licensed under MIT, which is not compatible with the EPL. We're lookign for an alternative.

Status: Ok green.gif SourceCode won't be part of the Eclipse project, providing the bundle from a third-party.

Microsoft Outlook Connector

The outlook connector uses a commercial library to communicate with the local outlook instance. The license prohibits any sharing.

Status: Ok green.gif The Outlook connector won't be part of the Eclipse project, providing the bundle from a third-party.


  • nothing - TBD
  • Glass.gif - investigating
  • Progress.gif - in progress
  • Ok green.gif - completed
  • Error.gif - dropped