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===Upcoming Events===
===Upcoming Events===
Eclipse Democamp June 2010. The exact date, schedule and location are not set yet. Most likely it will be held at the offices of [http://www.haslerrail.com/ Haslerrail] in Bern/Bümpliz. You may contact Thomas Kerle (Thomas.Kerle AT haslerrail.com) for further informations
*Coming soon
Post your job listings here

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Upcoming Events

  • Coming soon


Mailinglist.gif Mailing List: switzerland-east-ec@eclipse.org
Wiki.gif Wiki: Regional_Communities/Switzerland


If you have questions about the Swiss Eclipse Community, you can contact:
Marc Pfaff
Puzzle ITC
pfaff at puzzle dot ch


Local companies that help by providing food, drinks or meeting space of local events.