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Upcoming Events

Eclipse DemoCamps Galileo 2009

Posted 13-MAR-2009

The Eclipse Foundation is sponsoring a series of Eclipse DemoCamps around the world to celebrate the Galileo release and it is running from 18-May-2009 to 26-Jun-2009.

To sponsor the DemoCamp Galileo 2009, if you are an

  • Eclipse committer,
  • an employee of an Eclipse member company, or
  • or an outside instituition or company that is interested in sponsoring,
please do not hesitate to contanct me at for furher details.

If you are an employee of an Eclipse member company who sponsors US $250 or more, your logo will be posted on the DemoCamp’s wiki page and you will be acknowledged at the DemoCamp itself.

If you are an outsider institution, company, university, or any kind of organization that is interested in sponsoring, your logo will be posted in the Jordan Eclipse Regional Community with an appropriate link to the DemoCamp Wiki page, and you will be acknowledged at the DemoCamp itself.

Please consider your sponsorship for this open-source, yet very powerful IDE development environment.


Coming soon


We want to arrange a meeting event to announce and help/support this wonderful, yet open source IDE for developing Java, C/C++, and other supported programming languages and tools. Please show you support by providing food, drinks, or a meeting place for our Jordan local eclipse community. Your business logo will be placed in this place. For more info, please don't hesitate to contact me at


Coming soon


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Community Member Blogs

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If you have questions about the Jordan Eclipse Community, you may contact:
Hasan Sheboul

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