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Coming soon
Coming soon
== Past Events
== Past Events ==
*[http://wiki.eclipse.org/Eclipse_DemoCamps_Galileo_2009 Eclipse DemoCamps Galileo 2009]
*[http://wiki.eclipse.org/Eclipse_DemoCamps_Galileo_2009 Eclipse DemoCamps Galileo 2009]

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The group has several targets starting from the eclipse suit of existing open-source compilers/tools plugins of various programming languages, down for a fully configured IDE for non-existing plugins. The group will adjust, modify, plan, and walk-in objectives based upon their practicabilities, and the members' approval.

Upcoming Events

Coming soon

Past Events


We want to arrange a meeting event to announce and help/support this wonderful, yet open source IDE for developing Java, C/C++, and other supported programming languages and tools. Please show you support by providing food, drinks, or a meeting place for our Jordan local eclipse community. Your business logo will be placed in this place. For more info, please don't hesitate to contact me at hsheboul@gmail.com


Mailinglist.gif Mailing List: jordan-ec@eclipse.org
Mailinglist.gif Developers Group Jordan Eclipse Developers Group


If you have questions about the Jordan Eclipse Community, you may contact:
Hasan Sheboul
hsheboul [AT] gmail.com