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Regional Communities/Belgium

Upcoming Events

The next meeting of the user group will be held on February 23th at PeopleWare in Lier.

Program for the meeting:

18:00: Welcome (sandwiches and drinks)

18:30: Adriaan Peeters (PeopleWare): Introduction + Using a target platform to build and deploy a qPCR RCP application on multiple platforms

19:00: Johan Van Noten (FMTC): LogAn and MBSD

19:15: Peter Staelens (ITelegance): Using GMF and RCP for real-time sensor network integration and synchronized data logging on offshore platforms and robots

19:30: Tom Bauwens (SmartApps/O2U): Smart clients with Eclipse RCP and Eclipse RAP

19:50: Litrik De Roy (Norio): Quick intro to developing and deploying a Java application on the Google App Engine

20:10: Break

20:30: Yuri Kok and Wim Jongman (Industrial TSI): Eclipse 4

21:30: Networking

Full invitation and registration via

Further Meeting ideas

  • Demo camp
  • Devoxx
  • ...

All suggestions are welcome.

Meeting & Events Archive

  • Februari 10, 2009 (Collibra, Brussels)
We had our first meeting on February 10. The focus of this first meeting was on getting to know each other and on discussing future events. You can read a first impression on the following blog post.
The agenda for this meeting:
  • Introduction
  • Inventive Designers will talk about their experiences with the new P2 system and how they used it to build installers.
  • Collibra will talk about how they used the Eclipse platform to build their tool: re-use of existing plugins, pitfalls, ...
  • Further discussions and knowledge sharing
If you have something specific you want to share (specific plugins you wrote, specific public plugins you use, your development process, new features in Eclipse 3.5, …), let me know so I can put it on the agenda. If you know other people who would be interested in joining us, let me know so I can contact them, or invite them yourself and let me know who we can expect.
Sandwiches and drinks will be available.
You can read a first impression on the following blog post.
Blog post Hendrik about this meeting


Coming soon


Mailinglist.gif Mailing List:
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Community Members

Collibra, Inventive Designers, Sigasi, PeopleWare


If you have questions about the Belgian Eclipse Community, you can contact:
Hendrik Eeckhaut
hendrik dot eeckhaut at sigasi dot com
Damien Trog
damien at collibra dot com
Dieter Wachters
dieter_wachters at inventivegroup dot com
Adriaan Peeters
adriaan_peeters at peopleware dot be

Or contact the mailing list.

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