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This page describes how developers can setup Code Recommenders for their developer machines.

Required Downloads and Installations for CouchDB Setup

  1. Download and install Apache CouchDB 1.0+. For Linux, your distributor may offer an appropriate bundle. For Mac, Windows, and Linux, precompiled packages can be downloaded from Download the Couchbase *Single Server* Community Edition (which is an Apache CouchDB 1.0+) for your platform (the zip contains the Mac version).
  2. Install Eclipse Code Recommenders Plug-ins in your IDE:
    1. Point your Eclipse Update Manager to and install the following features:
    2. Intelligent Code Completion
    3. Self-hosting Platform
    4. Extdocs Client
  3. After installation:
    1. Copy ${eclipse.home}/plugins/org.eclipse.recommenders.server.setup/logback.xml to ${eclipse.home} (Note, on Mac, the files needs to be copied to Eclipse.App/MacOs/Contents/)
    2. Edit ${eclipse.home}/configuration/config.ini add the line "logback.configurationFile=logback.xml"
  4. Restart Eclipse:
  5. tbd

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