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Plugin Checks

  • Files:
    • about.html exists
    • Bundle-Name: starts with "Code Recommenders:"
    • Bundle-Name: ends with "(Incubation)" or "(Incubation) (Experimental)"
    • Bundle-Vendor: is "Eclipse Code Recommenders"
    • Bundle-Version: ends with ".qualifier"
    • Bundle-RequiredExecutionEnvironment: is "JavaSE-1.6" for java projects
    • Require-Bundle: all org.eclipse.org bundles are 3.6.0 at most
    • Bundle-SymbolicName starts with "org.eclipse.recommenders"
  • build.properties
    • includes about.html (??)

Source File Checks

  • File has EPL License header?
  • Contributor section including at least the "<Name> - Initial API and implementation" text exists?

Feature Checks

  • Files:
    • about.html exists
    • epl-v10.html exists
    • feature.properties exists
    • license.html
  • feature.xml
    • provider-name is "Eclipse Code Recommenders"
    • version ends with ".qualifier"

Source Feature Generator

Given a feature project, generate a "feature.source" project that looks exactly the same but uses source plug-ins instead of the normal plug-ins

Aggregation Pom Generator


For each plug-in generate an aggregator that contains the plugin + test project.


For each feature generate an aggregator that contains all plug-in + test projects contained in the feature.