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Development Environment

Building and testing Code Recommenders on your machine requires the following tools to be installed:

  1. Eclipse 3.6
  2. Java 6
  3. Maven 3+
  4. Git 1.7+

Obtaining Sources

Code Recommenders is hosted in Git. To browse the repositories use Gitweb. To checkout sources from command line use:

 git clone git:// recommenders

Building From Sources

Code Recommenders uses Maven Tycho to build its plug-ins. Look out for the pom.xml files in the repositories. The typical command to build Code Recommenders from command line is:

mvn clean install

That's it.

If this fails on your machine send a mail to the developer mailing list and report this issue.

Note: Code Recommenders MUST be build once with Maven.
The recommender models are not hosted in the repository but on an external website. In order to run code completion, these models need to be downloaded once. This happens automatically during the first maven build.

Compiling From Eclipse

After you have successfully (i) cloned the repository and (ii) run the first maven build, you are ready to import all required plug-ins, features, and update-sites from ${git-repository.basedir} into Eclipse.

It's recommended to use a fresh Eclipse workspace since we work with target platforms to build Code Recommenders in Eclipse. If you are new to target platforms please check out this Eclipse Help page for details.

After import you will see quite a lot compile errors due to missing 3rd-party plug-ins not available in your current Eclipse installation. To fix that you need to set the target platform of the workspace. This is done by simply:

  1. Opening the target platform definition file under /org.recommenders.releng/
  2. Waiting until Eclipse resolved and downloaded all plug-ins (check the progress monitor). This may take a while for the first time.
  3. After resolving successfully finished, click on Set as Target Platform on the upper right corner of the editor.
  4. A workspace full build is now started by Eclipse. Wait until the build is finished. Hopefully all compile errors are gone now - except for org.eclipse.recommenders.*fixture* projects. They don't compile per construction.
  5. If not, refresh the complete workspace and trigger a second full rebuild manually.
  6. If still errors show up, please report this incident to the developer mailing list.
  7. Finally, ensure that the file /org.eclipse.recommenders.rcp.codecompletion.calls/data/ actually exists in your workspace

Now you are ready to start a new Eclipse Runtime with Code Recommenders.

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