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== Useful links ==
* [[Phoenix_Documentation#If_you_wish_to_use_Phoenix_for_your_web_site:]]
* [[Using_Phoenix]]
== Setting up local website environment ==
First you need to install apache2 and php on your local machine. Second step is to checkout phoenix, the website environment eclipse is using. You need the ''org.eclipse.phoenix'' project from here:
Move the content of ''org.eclipse.phoenix'' to your document root directory (for example: /var/www/).
Next check out another required directory and the recommenders site from this repository:
<pre>            #Read only    #Write access for committers
You need ''home'' and ''recommenders'' of folder ''www'' in the repository. Place them in the document root, too. Note that ''org.eclipse.phoenix'' did contain a ''home'' directory already: Just merge them together.

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