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= User Guide  =
''''' Note, this is not required for M5 (to be released in 30. January 2012)  '''''
== Enable Code Recommenders Intelligent Code Completion for your Project  ==
Code Recommenders is currently enabled on '''per project''' level. To enable its intelligent code completion either:
1. pick the ''"Enable Code Recommenders"'' proposal from the active editor's code completion window:
'''- or -'''&nbsp;2. pick ''"Add/Remove Recommenders Nature"'' from the project's context menu:<br>
In both cases the code recommenders nature and the code recommenders code builder is added to the project's .project file. The builder is essential for intelligent code completion since it performs the code analysis whenever a file has changed on disk. Without enabling the Recommenders nature, no completion proposals are made.
== Configure Content Assist Cycle ==
Code Recommenders intelligent completion engines leverage JDT's ''"completion proposal computer"'' extension point and as such, large parts of their behavior are configured there. TODO explain figure below.

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