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  • Decent Linux/Win/Mac box with 2GHz, 2G RAM and Java 6 or better.
  • Apache CouchDB 2.0 or higher (not officially released)
  • Code Recommenders Team Server 0.4 or higher


Apache CouchDB

Code Recommenders Team Server

  • Download and unzip appropriate server archive.
  • start the server using TODO: Change from platform dependent build to start scripts. We don't need a particular mac build...
  • missing! how to create databases and views for non-ui based team server? Should we run a startup script if dbs do not exist?

Client Configuration

Update your clients to use the new server instead of Code Recommenders' default server by changing the following urls in Preferences>>Code Recommenders:

  • Code Search: http://<new-server-name>:29750/codesearch
  • Extdoc: http://<new-server-name>:5984/extdoc
  • UDC: http://<new-server-name>:29750/udc

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