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= Prerequisites =
* Decent Linux/Win/Mac box with 2GHz, 2G RAM and Java 6 or better.
* Apache CouchDB 2.0 or higher (not officially released)
* Code Recommenders Team Server 0.4 or higher
= Installation =
== Apache CouchDB ==
* Download CouchDB developer preview from [http://files.couchbase.com/developer-previews/couchbase-single-server-2.0.0-dev-preview/ couchbase.com].
* Install CouchDB
* Start CouchDB server
* Ensure that CouchDB's [http://localhost:5984/_utils welcome page] comes up.
* Change [http://localhost:5984/_utils/config.html os_process_timeout config parameter] from '5000' to '10000' or higher. The exact value depends on the power of your machine and the data you process.
== Code Recommenders Team Server ==
* Download Code Recommenders latest team server from [http://vandyk.st.informatik.tu-darmstadt.de/updates/server/ here].
* Unzip the server to any directory on your local disc.
* TODO: needless complexity: Start the server using start.sh/.bat/.exe TODO: Change from platform dependent build to start scripts. We don't need a particular mac build...
* TODO: missing! how to create databases and views for non-ui based team server? Should we run a startup script if dbs do  not exist?
= Client Configuration =
Update your clients to use the new server instead of Code Recommenders' default server by changing the following urls in  ''Preferences>>Code Recommenders'':
* Code Search: http://your-team-server:29750/codesearch
* Extdoc: http://your-team-server-name:5984/extdoc (note: port is CouchDB port for extdoc!)
* UDC: http://your-team-server:29750/udc
= Creating Knowledge Bases =
TODO: Point to a crowd-sourcing page and explain that data needs to be uploaded by the clients into the team server.
TODO: explain how to set up the cron-job to generate new extdoc and calls models on a nightly basis.
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