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Recommenders/Attic/New and Noteworthy/0.2

Chain Completion Engine

How many times did you ask yourself "How do I get an instance of X"? How much time did you spent in shimming from one method call to another to find a path that returns you an instance of the type you are looking for?

Code Recommenders' chain completion is supporting you exactly on this task. To find all potential paths that result in an instance of the requested type, it takes the current context code completion was triggered in and searches all members and member's member until a path to the requested type is found (or a time out occurred :) and then presents the paths found by the tool to the user as ready-to-use code snippets. Look at the screenshots below for some examples to see chain completion in action:

Completion on this


Completion from static types


Completion on method returns


Completion with type cast


Templates Completion Engine

Our templates completion engine provides dynamically created source code snippets on completion requests. The templates we propose are obtained from frequent patterns found in framework usage, i.e. the user is instantly served with the most common practices. For this not only the object type is considered, but also what has already been called on the variable - our templates are context-sensitive! You can see how they adopt to different occasion in the following screenshots. With this the new templates completion engine provides dynamic shortcuts for frequent code blocks and is also able to guide framework novices with relevant examples.

Completion for Local Declaration


Dynamic Pattern Completion


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