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Lab Repositories

Some ideas we work on use software that is licensed under an incompatible License like GPL and others or are related to student research projects. These repositories can not be hosted by the Eclipse Foundation as they may contain code not conform to the Eclipse license requirements. To get faster results to research questions like how and if something can be done, we use so-called lab projects hosted on our repository hosting server. As soon as those experiments get promising results we transfer the knowledge obtained from these projects back to Eclipse and ensuring IP compliance.

Access to lab repositories

We use Gerrit code review platform to manage access rights to the lab repositories. Gerrit can be reached on Gerrit uses OpenId for authentication. You probably have an account somewhere which can be used for OpenId (for example your Google or Yahoo account). If not, you can get one from for example.

Profile configuration on Gerrit

After signing in to Gerrit you have to set up some initial configuration. In the Settings menu (located in the upper right) you have to set an username used while accessing the git repository later. Gerrit secures access to the git repository by SSH Public/Private-Key so you also have to add your SSH Public Key following the link named SSH Public Key.

Getting access to specific projects on Gerrit

After setting up your account on Gerrit you will not have the rights to access any project yet. To get access send an e-mail containing your username and full name used in Gerrit to

Clone the repository

After you got the rights to access a repository you can clone it by using:

git clone ssh://

Before your first commit you have to make sure, that you will commit as the same author as configured in Gerrit. This means name and email configuration in git must match the full name and email you configured in Gerrit. You can set these settings in your git repository by appending the following lines to the .git/config file located in the cloned repository:

name = Johannes Lerch 
email =

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