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Rebuilding m2e discovery catalog

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As of version 1.0.0 m2e discovery catalog URL is It is hardcoded in org.eclipse.m2e.internal.discovery.MavenDiscovery.PATH found in o.e.m2e.discovery bundle. discovery.xml can be changed from or as ~/downloads/technology/m2e/discovery/directory.xml. It is not necessary to change discovery.xml unless you want to relocate or block catalog.

m2e discovery catalog

As of version 1.0.0 m2e discovery catalog content is hosted at This repository is generated by m2e discovery catalog publishing job and contains

  • catalog entry jar referenced from discovery.xml
  • p2 repository that includes catalog items retrieved from Maven repositories

The job execution has to be triggered manually and requires access to Sonatype build infrastructure.

updating m2e discovery catalog

First, clone git repository with catalog sources

 git clone ssh://

Catalog contents is defined in org.eclipse.m2e.discovery.oss/connectors.xml. Make, commit and push your changes.

Run m2e discovery catalog publishing job

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