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This section intends to host tricks and tips, snippets, ..., about RAP and RWT... Any help is welcome.


Workbench Window

Fill the browser with the Workbench Window

This snippet shows you how to make the main RAP Workbench Window occupy the entire area available in the browser and resize with the browser window.

In your WorkbenchWindowAdvisor class:

   public void preWindowOpen() {
     IWorkbenchWindowConfigurer configurer = getWindowConfigurer();
     configurer.setShowStatusLine( false );
     configurer.setTitle( "Your app" );
     configurer.setShellStyle( SWT.NO_TRIM );
   public void postWindowOpen() {
     final IWorkbenchWindow window = getWindowConfigurer().getWindow();
     Shell shell = window.getShell();
     shell.setMaximized( true );

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