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Rap10M3 News

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RAP 1.0 M3 - New and Noteworthy

This document will become the New and Noteworthy page for the next milestone release and meanwhile serves to document the development progress.

All features documented here can be obtained from CVS HEAD.


Progress Cursor for Long Running Requests RapHourGlassCursor.png

When a request takes longer than 500 ms to return, the cursor will change to indicate that an operation is in progress. Once the response arrives the cursor is switched back to default.

ToolItem and MenuItem Enhancements RAPToolBarEnabled.png


As this is a basic prerequisite for disabling workbench actions, ToolItem and MenuItem now implement the setEnabled, getEnabled and isEnabled methods.

In addition, the ToolItem can now show tool tips.

MenuListener RAPFileMenu-pre.pngRAPFileMenu.png<br\>

MenuListeners can now be added to Menus to process actions before a menu shows up and after it is hidden. While the menuShown event is processed, a preliminary menu is displayed to signal that the menu is loading. This allows for enabled/disabling menu items just before the menu comes up.

Link RAPLink.png

The SWT control Link, a text label with embedded hyperlinks, is now also available in RWT. A SelectionListener can be added to invoke arbitrary actions on a click.

Tab Order RAPTabOrder.png

The tab order, i.e. the order that controls within a composite are traversed when the TAB key is pressed, is now configurable using the method setTabList( Control[] tablist ) on Composite. As in SWT, the default tab order now corresponds to the order that controls are added to their parent composite.

Image Bounds RAPImageBounds.png

The size of images is now determined on image loading and can be read using Image.getBounds(). As a consequence, Labels that contain images can now compute their size correctly.

SWT Flags
  • The flag SWT.TOGGLE can now be used for Buttons that snap in and stay pressed.
  • The flag SWT.ON_TOP is now supported for Shells that are always on top of all other shells.

And yes, it's now ok to use SWT instead of RWT.


ComboViewer The ComboViewer is now implemented (or rather copied from JFace:). It is a concrete viewer based on an RWT Combo control.
IMenuListener IMenuListener implementations can now be added to a MenuManager.

RAP Workbench

Startup Page The screenshot below now is history.


The startup procedure was cut down from two to one single request. The current implementation provides a template startup page that contains all the necessary things for RAP to work but also allows for customization. The latter is not yet available from 'outside' - but stay tuned.

The above features are just the ones that are new since the previous milestone build.