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RT Marketing page

Revision as of 10:45, 16 April 2009 by (Talk | contribs) (Creating an EclipseRT logo)

We would like to create a logo identifier that can be used to help promote the fact that Eclipse provides runtime technology. Our goal is to create a brand with the identifier EclipseRT.

The EclipseRT brand would be used by any Eclipse project or third party product that builds on the Equinox framework.

The logo will be used/could be in the following ways:

  • web sites of Eclipse RT projects; this could be square graphics or larger banners
  • products that are built using Eclipse RT technology (We might want a 'Built with Eclipse RT' version)
  • icons
  • splash screens
  • shirts, stickers, assorted promotional stuff

Questions or guidance on what we would like to see in the logo:

  • What are the core values that the logo is supposed to convey?

The core concept of EclipseRT is to create a network of components or a stackless stack is how some people refer to EclipseRT style technology

  • Is there something that the logo SHOULD NOT be like?

Can't think of anything

  • What is the actual project name? Eclipse Runtime? EclipseRT?

The project name is Eclipse Runtime but we want to referred to as EclipseRT.

  • Should the logo incorporate the project name or should it be usable (and recognizable) even without the name?

The word EclipseRT should be included

  • Are there any restrictions/ideas/proposals regarding the color scheme (e.g. consistent with the Eclipse colors)?

Some consistency would be nice but not required.

  • What media should the logo be suitable for? Web is a given, but what about print media?

Focus should be on web but print needs to be an option

  • Should the logo also work with a reduced color set, e.g. b/w or spot colors only?


  • Should the logo also work for lower resolution prints, e.g. screen printing on T-Shirts etc.?


Upcoming Article Library

We would like to keep an update list of articles that people are planning to write. One hope is that we ca reused these articles in multiple places.

  • list author, topic of author, proposed publication

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