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RT Marketing page

Revision as of 13:15, 15 April 2009 by Ian.skerrett.eclipse.org (Talk | contribs) (Creating an EclipseRT logo)

We would like to create a logo identifier that can be used by all Eclipse RT projects. The purpose is to help promote the fact that Eclipse provides runtime technology.

The logo will be used/could be in the following ways:

  • web sites of Eclipse RT projects; this could be square graphics or larger banners
  • products that are built using Eclipse RT technology (We might want a 'Built with EclipseRT' version)
  • icons
  • splash screens
  • shirts, stickers, assorted promotional stuff

Comments or guidance on what we would like to see in the logo:

  • the word EclipseRT should be included
  • not required to incorporate the existing Eclipse log but some cross-over would be nice
  • the concept of a network of components or a stackless stack is how some people refer to Eclipse RT style technology