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RT/meetings/PMC Minutes 101103

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  • Jeff
  • Tom
  • Glyn
  • Jesse
  • Mike


  • How to release critical/security fixes for release train (i.e. Helios, Galileo).
  • Jetty Tooling versioning

Security fixes

  • when security related fixes come up, how do we release them, how do we advertise etc
  • Jetty does cumulative fixes in each major release stream
  • Notify when fixed with instructions
  • cve.mitre.org for US database on security issues

Jetty Tooling

  • WTP adapter contribution
  • coming up to release it


  • we started to look at CQs but quickly got mired in IP muck around testing, SVN repos, distribution, ...
  • conclusion is that the IP team needs to respond to our requests for clarification