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RT/meetings/PMC Minutes 101020

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  • Jeff
  • Glyn
  • Christian
  • Jesse
  • Mike
  • Tom
  • Markus


  • ESE
  • Riena and Jetty missed Indigo M2
  • Website
  • Obsolete CQs


  • next call is during EclipseSummit
  • We should have the call anyway.

Riena and Jetty and Indigo

  • they missed M2
  • looks like they are on track to get into M3
  • The batch compiler issues (signing the bundle..) have been resolve and Jetty will pick up ECJ form the Eclipse project


  • Take a look at the new website and provide feedback

Obsolete CQs

  • when you stop using some CQ's library you have to mark the CQ as "obsolete" so the IP Log tools know to not include it.
  • There are some questions around branching etc but Wayne is looking into that with a new round of IP tools.