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RT/meetings/PMC Minutes 090408

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  • Jeff McAffer
  • Christian Campo
  • Mark Rogalski
  • Tom Watson
  • Jochen Krause
  • Oliver Wolf

Galileo delivery

Discuss the creation of a "Target Platform Content" category and various runtime SDK features in this category. See Bug 271527

  • Riena likes this direction. it is exactly what they need.
  • RAP and eRCP supply content that would conflict with elements of the IDE.
  • should retry the experiment and perhaps use some p2 metadata requirement to prevent it from being installed into a profile
  • eRCP supplies the runtime content as a zip, not a feature or update site but not source
  • EclipseLink already produces something that
  • Naming
    • Target Platform Runtime Components
    • EclipseRT
    • Runtimes for Target Platforms
    • Runtime

JavaOne participation

The foundation is running booth at JavaOne and there is an interest in having runtime content demo'd/featured

  • No Sopera this year
  • Doug will be there
  • Elias from EclipseSource can demo RAP and Riena
  • Mark is trying to go and demo eRCP
  • Look at supplying the Toast demo to the various parties for use in showing the big picture as well as diving into the particulars of the individual technologies.