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RT/meetings/PMC Minutes 080827

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Council membership

PMCs have a chance to participate in various councils at Eclipse. In particular the planning council. This is an opportunity for us to drive things that are important to the runtime story at Eclipse. To date I (Jeff) have been lurking and periodically interacting with the planning council. We should establish someone who will drive this with more energy then I have at the moment.


We need to have plans for the projects. What does that entail at the PMC and project level.

Action Item Review

  • Action: Jeff will put together an outline of the site. Index page, PMC and project page, charter etc.
  • Action: Jeff will mock that up and start some pages for meetings
  • Action: Jeff check out the google calendar with Jochen
  • Action: Jeff setup the portal

Next Meeting

September 10, 2008 at 0900 ET, Agenda: RT/meetings/PMC Minutes 080910

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