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RT/meetings/PMC Minutes 080813

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  • Jeff McAffer
  • Tom Watson
  • Mark Rogalski
  • Jochen Krause


RT Web site and wiki

Currently we do not have any content. we need to get that in order.

Action: Jeff will put together an outline of the site. Index page, PMC and project page, charter etc.

  • wiki RT. For the RT project itself this will be largely admin content. meeting minutes etc.

Action: Jeff will mock that up and start some pages for meetings

  • meeting agendas will be driven by the wiki pages. The page for the next meeting will be put in place at the end of the previous meeting. People can add items for discussion at the next meeting. Meeting will walk through the wiki agenda with any additional topics added by those calling in.


So far four project have moved. Things are going well

  • Equinox moved today.
  • eRCP will move in Sept
  • ECF will move soon as well
  • RAP was waiting on some infrastructure stuff to get sorted out but that seems to be in order so they will move soon.
  • On the surface only Riena is in the repo but in fact there are SVN repos as well.

Build coordination

RT projects are not particularly unique in terms of their build requirements but we do need the ability to build complete deliveries for multiple platforms. This is not straightforward given the current releng/PDE build technology.

  • Proposed that we need to have some build infrastructure that the various projects can use. This is partly the build technology and partly an easy way to consume/use that technology.
  • One thing that is a little different is that several of our projects have circularities and interdependencies. Equinox->ECF->p2->Eclipse platform->p2 etc. Need to understand how this will work.

Managing code duplication

Some projects duplicate code from other projects by checking it out an having their own copies. This needs to stop. In some cases there are real reasons for the current state but there are likely better solutions. We need to encourage the projects to work together to resolve it isuse.

  • If this is not addressed then there will be issues in the release train with version ordering and mismatched content.
  • eRCP is one of the projects with challenges.


- how are the plans going to be coordinated?

   - should cover in the next meeting.

- plans need to be done by the end o fSept - standard form

articles - need to have a drumbeat of articles around RT and Equinox - reach out to the projects that are part of RT

   - RAP will contribute a few things
   - deploying stuff on the amazon cloud
   - performance testing of RAP

- Webinars - SD Times

eRCP to move review in September - duplicate code from eRCP ecrp organixed by having core components that get copied from head. - 6 or 7 of them . things like osgi, runtime, registry,

- should consider just pointing at the originals

- have their own workbench and update. - some intereste i moving to p2 but no one to do that work - SWT is a subset of the API but uses a completely different implementation - The API tooling could help in understanding changes. - complete rebuild of everything including the bits from other projects

  • check out the google calendar with Jochen
  • setup the portal

Next Meeting

August 27, 2008 at 0900 ET, Agenda: RT/PMC Minutes 080827