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* Remote Service R4.2
* Remote Service R5
* Remote Service Admin R4.2 (enterprise specification)
* Remote Service Admin R5 (enterprise specification)
==[[Gemini Web]]==
==[[Gemini Web]]==

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OSGi Certification

The OSGi Alliance has a certification program which can be used to certify implementations of OSGi specifications. A number of Eclipse projects implement OSGi specifications. This page documents the Eclipse projects which would like to participate in the OSGi Alliance certification program.


  • Core Specification R4.2/R4.3
  • Declarative Services R4.2
  • Event Admin R4.2
  • Configuration Admin R4.2
  • Log Service R4.2
  • Http Service R4.2
  • Device Access R4.2
  • Metatype Service R4.2
  • Preferences Service R4.2
  • User Admin Service R4.2
  • Wire Admin Service R4.2
  • IO Connector Service R4.2
  • Initial Provisioning R4.2
  • Tracker Specification R4.2
  • XML Parser Service R4.2
  • Position Specification R4.2
  • Measurement and State Specification R4.2
  • Execution Environment Specification R4.2


  • Remote Service R5
  • Remote Service Admin R5 (enterprise specification)

Gemini Web

  • Web Applications R4.2 (enterprise specification)


  • Web Applications R4.2 (enterprise specification)

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