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* [[Jetty]]
* [[Jetty]]
* [[EclipseLink|EclipseLink Project]]
* [[EclipseLink|EclipseLink Project]]
* [[RAP|Rich Ajax Platform]]
* [[RAP|Remote Application Platform]]
* [[Riena Project]]  
* [[Riena Project]]  
* [[SMILA]]  
* [[SMILA]]  

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EclipseRT Logo Small.jpg

The RT project includes a number of different runtime related technologies at Eclipse. You can get involved in RT by joining one of the efforts in a current project or proposing a new effort. RT is managed by a PMC that holds open phone meetings on a regular basis. See the meeting calendar for details and the PMC page for more details on the meeting agendas and minutes.

Visit the wiki pages of some of RT's sub-projects here:


[edit] EclipseRT and the Cloud

EclipseRT for Amazon EC2

[edit] EclipseRT OSGi Certification

OSGi Certification

[edit] EclipseRT Marketing

A number of marketing and community activities are being organized through the RT PMC. Details can be found on the RT Marketing.

[edit] Meetings

The various RT projects have regular calls to coordinate collaboration. The RT PMC has a bi-weekly call. See the meeting agendas and minutes for more detail.

All of this is tracked in the Equinox Calendar

The calendar is available in the following formats: ICal, ATOM News Feed, HTML