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RSE 1.0 Testing round 1

Revision as of 03:03, 19 September 2006 by (Talk | contribs)

Please sign up here for testing particular features of RSE 1.0, or a particular host / target combination. It is important for all of us to coordinate our efforts

  • In order to get bugs submitted early, such that we can fix them for the release
  • In order to avoid duplication of testing work
  • In order to get a good test coverage and exposure of RSE.

The first RSE 1.0 testing phase will start with M5/RC0 on 25-Sep-2006 and last until 27-Sep-2006.
A second full test pass will start with RC1 on 8-Oct-2006 and last until 10-Oct-2006.

Detailed testing Instructions will be sent out before the official test period, so don't feel afraid of being signed up to any features you have never heard of before - this might actually help improving your test quality sinc you might tend to try things that nobody else thought about before.

Please put your name in the table below. Feel free to modify the host/target combinations, or features of RSE to test as you find yourself fit. Put an "ok" in the first column when you reviewed your assignment. You may delete assignments or limit your time commitment, but please let us know what you are planning and then stick to your commitment. The list is sorted by company name, then first name.

Signing up for a testing commitment means downloading and installing RSE, checking assigned features, and submitting bugzilla reports. A very basic sanity test should be included for each tester in addition to the specific assignment. I've started assigning 2 hours of testing for contributors / users, and 4 hours of testing for committers, which I think everybody should be able to invest. Of course, doing more testing won't hurt but please try and focus on those areas that you have signed up to.

Thanks to everybody who signs up and thus helps making RSE better!

Test Matrix:

ok Tester Name (Company) Client Platform Connection types RSE Features Time Commitment, Comments
Anthony Berent (ARM) Linux-GTK Local-Linux Update Site 2h
ok Greg Watson (LANL) MacOS X 10.2, Sun Java 1.4.2_12 Ssh, Dstore-Mac EFS, Remote Search 2h
-- Greg Watson (LANL) Power Linux, IBM Java2 Local-Linux Remote Search 0h, maybe 2nd round
ok Sumit Sarkar (HP) Windows XP SP2, Sun Java 1.4.2_10 Dstore-Unix (HP-UX) CDT Remote Launch 2h
Dave Dykstal (IBM) Windows XP, IBM Java2 5.0 SP1 Dstore-Linux Complex Filters, Preferences 4h
Dave McKnight (IBM) Linux-GTK, SuSE SLES 9, IBM Java2 1.4.2 sr3 Dstore-Windows Synchronous Operation, Dirty Editors and Merging 4h
ok Kushal Munir (IBM) Windows XP, IBM Java2 1.4.2 sr3 Dstore-AIX File Encodings, RSE Props+Scratchpad 4h
Joe Green (MontaVista) Linux-GTK Ssh Processes, CDT Launch 2h
ok Ewa Matejska (PalmSource) Linux-GTK, Ubuntu 5.10, Sun Java 1.5.0_07 Local-Linux Subsystem Properties 2h
-- Doug Schaefer (QNX) Linux-GTK Dstore-Linux Shell Pattern Matching 0h
ok Norbert Ploett (Siemens) Windows XP, Sun Java 1.5.0_06 Dstore-Linux Shell Content Assist-Linux, DStore Launch Options 2h
ok Javier Montalvo (Symbian) Windows 2000, Sun Java 1.4.2_12 FTP Verify ISV Docs, Access Permissions & Timestamps 4h
Dobrin Alexiev (TI) Windows XP, Sun Java 1.5.0_08 FTP Verify User Docs 2h
ok Doug Gaff (Wind River) Windows XP, Sun Java 1.5.0_08 Dstore-Windows Verify Legal 2h
ok Martin Oberhuber (Wind River) Windows XP, Sun Java 1.5.0_08 Ssh Profiles, Team Support, Connection Problems 16h
ok Michael Scharf (Wind River) Windows XP, Sun Java 6 Beta Ssh Update Site, Parallel Access, Verify Extension Points 4h
ok Ted Williams (Wind River) Windows XP, Sun Java 1.4.2_11 Local-Windows ISV Docs Tutorial, Shell Content Assist 4h
ok Uwe Stieber (Wind River) Linux-GTK, Redhat WS4, Sun Java 1.5.0_06 Ssh Scalability, Drag&Drop 4h

RSE Features signed up already

  • Basic Sanity Test (File Subsystem, dirlist, simple filters, upload/download/edit, Tableview)
  • Dstore Launch Options (Rlogin, Already-Running, Port Ranges, SSL Connection)
  • Shell Content Assist-Linux
  • Team Support (Share connections)
  • Team Profiles (Duplicate/Move RSE Objects to Profile, Persistency)

RSE Features to test

  • Parallel access (multiple parallel actions)
  • File Encodings (Foreign language files on remote side)
  • Drag & Drop (RSE <-> RSE, Eclipse Navigator, Windows Explorer, Overwrite vs. Rename)
  • Update Site: Install & Upgrade via Update Site
  • Scalability (Really large file lists, lots of events)
  • Shell Content Assist-Windows
  • Shell Pattern Matching (Compiler Error Navigation, Directory and File Navigation)
  • Processes Subsystem (List, Sort, Kill, Remote Monitor)
  • Verify User Docs (Walk through tutorial, Context Help, Check Links, Search feature)
  • Verify Legal (Feature Descriptions, Licenses in all source features, Overall license)
  • Verify ISV Tutorial (Walk through ISV tutorial)
  • Verify ISV Docs (Broken Links, Semantic correctness, Searchable docs, Useful Javadoc)
  • Verify Extension Points (Check docs, use in own code)
  • Remote Search (dstore only)
  • Complex Filters (Multiple filter strings, Filter by filetype, Filter Persistence...)
  • Preferences (Walk through each of the Preferences and enable/disable)
  • Subsystem Properties (Changing Properties of Systems/Subsystems in the RSE Tree)
  • Synchronous Operation (Do a sanity check with "Deferred Queries" switched off in Preferences)
  • Dirty Editors and Merging (Editing a Remote File that also changes remotely)
  • File Access Permissions and Timestamps (Read-only files etc.)
  • RSE Views: Properties, Scratchpad (Check for consistency)
  • Connection Problems (Very slow connections, unavailable/unreliable hosts, timeouts, breaking connections)
  • Verify Copyright and Externalized Strings (Run automated checks, chkpii)
  • EFS
  • CDT Launch
  • Discovery

Currently Missing Platforms:

  • Client: Linux-x86-64bit
  • Client: Linux-Motif
  • Client: Solaris-Motif

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