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RMF/User Guide/Presentations

ProR has an extension mechanism that allows custom rendering for certain attributes of a SpecObject. The following Presentations have been implemented:

ID Generator Presentation

This presentation allows the designation of Attributes to be used as human-readable IDs. The user defines a prefix, and the presentation manages a counter. When a new SpecObject with a designated Attribute is created, then it will get an ID, consisting of prefix and number.

TODO: The plugin doesn't check whether an ID already exists - it simply takes the next number and increments the counter. We should (1) Set the counter correctly upon opening a ReqIF and (2) hook in a Validator.

Linewrap Presentation

This presentation automatically renders long text with linebreaks and allows editing with linebreaks.

Headline Presentation

This presentation renders an attribute in bigger font and bold. It allows setting the font size.

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