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RMF/User Guide


ProR is a generic Requirements Engineering Tool. It was initially developed at the Institute for Computer Science at the Heinrich-Heine University in Düsseldorf and is now an Eclipse Foundation project. The tool is based on (and part of) the Requirements Modeling Framework (RMF), which provides the core for ProR. The core was initially developed by itemis.

ProR is based on the ReqIF standard, which provides interoperability with Industry tools like IBM Doors and many others. ProR can be customized with Plug-Ins, and the first Plug-In to be developed is an integration with Rodin, a platform for formal system development.


We use the ReqIF terminology in this document. This means that a requirement is called SpecObject. A Document holding requirements in a tree structure is called Specification. Please consult the OMG ReqIF 1.0.1 specification for details

Contents (and Eclipse Help)

The User guide is converted into Eclipse help (excluding this page). The chapters that are converted are:

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