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General Considerations

  • We want to graduate from incubation by the end of 2012
  • We use Git Flow for now, but will switch to a new process before graduating from incubation, to support multiple release branches (Eike)
  • CDO has tooling for API evolution, we should look into employing it before graduating.

Upcoming Integration Builds

i12.03 (March 2012)

The objective of this iteration is to improve usability. The following list will help us identify our priorities for this iteration.

If you want to help, please stick to the following guidelines:

  • Each bullet represents a mini-usecase (is there a better word?). It should be pretty clear what is meant.
  • Each bullet has a status. The quality is rated A = good to D = insufficient. If you rate, please add your initials, so that we can track down people.
  • Please update the status as you see fit.
  • Please add mini-usecases, but don't remove any (unless they are obviously duplicates)
  • If you find an issue with a mini-usecase that is actually a bug, please file it in bugzilla and add a link to that bug.

Use cases:

Past Integration Builds

i12.01 (January 20th, 2012) core-9.0.0 (October 8th 2011)

core-9.0.0 was the last release before the code base was migrated to the Eclipse Foundation.

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