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  • Participants:
    • Mark Brörkens
    • Michael Jastram
    • Lukas Ladenberger
    • Hussein Mhanna
    • Ingo Weigelt
  • Release Planning
    • Next Release
      • 0.11.0 Release will be driven by Mark
      • Code Freeze on 2014-Oct-26
      • Release on 2014-Nov-17
      • TODO ALL: stabilize the repository in preparation of code freeze.
      • TODO Michael: Create a test matrix wrt all supported OS / all supported Java Version / Eclipse Release. We will stop supporting Indigo and switch to supporting Juno 3.8 as the oldest version.
      • TODO Mark: switch Hudson to Juno-based Target.
      • TODO Lukas: When Mark is ready for the release, Lukas will actually take care of executing the release procedure.
    • Subsequent Releases
      • Generally, Releases will take place one month after an Eclipse release (regular or service release)
      • -This means: 0.12.0 for mid March if possible (to be out in time for ReConf, 1 month after Luna SR2)
      • 0.13.0 End of July (1 month after Mars)
  • Roadmap Planning
    • As the number of committers/contributors increases, We will have monthly status meetings. Agenda: everyone tells what they've done, what they plan on doing, impediments. + roadmap grooming.
    • Next meeting: 2014-Nov-21, 13:00
    • TODO All: Think about your needs wrt the roadmap, in preparation for roadmap grooming on Nov. 21.
    • TODO Mark: Propose a way to manage the roadmap in Bugzilla. The in the Wiki is hard to keep neat, and we decided to use the tools from the Eclipse ecosystem. This may also include a breakdown of RMF beyond GUI and Core.
  • Sphinx
    • Topic came up during Hussein's search/replace implementation, which may benefit from Sphinx.Realistically, a first integration possible by 0.12.0 the earliest. Care to be taken to separate GUI and model code. Sphinx may also ease CDO integration.
    • TODO All: Mark needs to understand the needs better, so all, please check out Sphinx and identify places where you think it could help. Stephan Eberle could probably help, once he understands our needs.
    • TODO Michael: As Sphinx won't be available any time soon, Michael will use Hussein's Search code without Sphinx for now.
  • Committers
    • TODO Michael will initiate the committer election status for Hussein.
  • Admin
    • Michael will be the only one of this group at EclipseCon Europe.
    • TODO Lothar: Find a solution for online meetings that's Linux-Compatible (Hangouts proven and preferred), before next meeting in November.
    • TODO Mark: Implement a plugin for handling the ProSTEP conversation ID.

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