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RMF/Contributor Guide/Development Process

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We're still in the incubator phase - therefore, the release process is still being developed. Here are our guidelines so far:

The Most Important Stuff

  • Important: Never commit to master! (unless you are the release manager). Development takes place on the develop branch)
  • We use the Git Flow Process as our release process

Coding Guidelines

  • We use the default formating rules by Eclipse to format Java Code (Ctrl-Shift-F)
  • Don't format generated code (that makes it difficult to run diffs on generated code)

Contributing as Non-Committer at the University of Düsseldorf

We will eventually use Gerrit to process contributions from Students to RMF. Those who want to contribute can set up their git as follows:

 [branch "foobar"]
   remote = cobra
   merge = refs/heads/foobar

Setup is now complete. To work on the code on branch foobar, do the following:

  • Edit on branch foobar
  • Push (implicitly to cobra)
  • To update from the Eclipse repository:
    • git checkout develop
    • git pull
    • git checkout foobar
    • git merge develop

There may be a better way for doing all this. Please improve if you know how.

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