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RMF/Contributor Guide/Build Process

We're still in the incubator phase - therefore, the release process is still being developed. Here are our guidelines so far:

The Most Important Stuff

  • Our release manager is Lukas Ladenberger. Please coordinate with Lukas.
  • We use the Git Flow Process as our release process
  • Important: Never commit to master! (unless you are the release manager). Development takes place on the develop branch)
  • The only branches on the server are master and develop. All other branches that are mentioned in git-flow are local branches

Names and Versions Conventions


In Bugzilla, we use milestones of the form mYY.MM.


While we are in the incubation phase, we use the following version format for plugins and features: (i.e. 0.1.0.qualifier). The major version number will graduate beyond zero, once we leave incubation. For now, we will always include the qualifier. Note that eventually, we want to get rid of the qualifier for releases. We then have to make sure that we correctly increment service and minor numbers, and after incubation major.


Our release tag in GIT will be called release-YY.MM. Please note:

  • Only the release manager creates tags
  • We create no tags for release candidates


Releases are, by definition, anything that is distributed outside of the Committers of a Project, i.e. a RCP product zip file.

  • Release label: (i.e. M12.01).
  • Release candidate label: Myy.mmRCx (i.e. M12.01RC1).

Please note: Our release label is simultaneously also our milestone label.

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