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Duration: 10-15 minutes Audience:

  • Other Strategic Members attending a Eclipse Requirements Council meeting
  • Visitors to Eclipse.org viewing ERC meeting notes


  • Networking
  • Cross-Member Awareness
  • Increase and deepen the common understanding of publicly shared requirements


  • Use that understanding to consolidate limited resources to best serve the needs of the Strategic Members
  • To bolster the value of Strategic Membership.
  • To enrich the output of Requirements Council.

Suggestions for presentation content:

  • These slides will be publicly available on the Eclipse.org website
  • These materials must be EPL'd

** What do we do? ** What problems do we solve? ** What's Important to me (as a Strategic Member)? ** Where and how in the Eclipse Community are we active? ** Roadmap for the Eclipse Projects we're driving (as applicable) ** How are we using Eclipse technology in our products. ** What are our burning issues and why?