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RAP Theme Editor

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The goal of this project is to provide an Eclipse Plug-In that handles RAP theme files. At the moment RAP theme files have to be edited in a normal text editor. That is fault-prone and definitely not userfriendly. So beside syntax checking the Theme Editor will provide a graphical user interface to change several properties and values for RAP themes in an easier way.

This project is part of 2008 Google Summer of Code.


  • Mentor: Ralf Sternberg
  • Student: Mathias Schaeffner



Progress.gif Work in progress

Ok green.gif Bug fixed / Feature added

  • GUI for editing all parts of a RAP theme file Ok green.gif
  • loading supported widgets and their possible properties dynamically through the *.theme.xml files associated with each RAP widget Ok green.gif
  • synchronization between GUI-tabs and source tab Ok green.gif
  • dialogs that handle input of certain property types, e.g. ColorDialog, FontDialog, FileDialog Ok green.gif
  • Redo/Undo functionality Ok green.gif
  • source editor, so that theme files can be edited by hand as well Ok green.gif
  • code highlighting in source tab Progress.gif
  • Error/Warning Marker in source tab Progress.gif
  • easy way of registering themes to a RAP application; rather than linking RAP theme and application manually
  • preview for each widget supported by RAP, in order to see directly an effect when changing a style value

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