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A new Widget Toolkit API

This place is inteded to host the discussion related to a new widget API for RAP. Please see also bug #158930

An issue that is partly related to the API question are LayoutManagers.

Why a new API at all?

  • Low level (web) technologies should be hidden from the targeted developers (e.g. there should not be a WebComponent#getStyle() method to modify css styles directly)
  • Layout algorithms are too basic to build a workbench upon.

Use the SWT API?


  • Well known programming model
  • Full binary compatibility
  • Complete reuse of JFace


  • SWT with its comprehensive set of widgets, 'dictates' the intial implementation effort. With another API we could start with a smaller subset of widgets.
  • Hides the semantic differences between a client-side only and a distributed environment. E.g. it would be possible to implement a KeyListener, but since the event must go over the wire the user experience would be low.
  • Probably won't meet the high expectations of RCP developers
  • It is yet unclear how close we can get to the 'original' layout managers. From what we know by now a big challenge would be to compute the actual size of text (as used to determine the prefered size of a widget)

Use an SWT-like API?

To escape the downside of emulating the full SWT API, we could use a subset of SWT (like eRCP) and provide alternative/additional API where SWT does not meet the requirements of a distributed environment (in particular event handling).

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