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DRAFT Load testing / stress testing of RAP applications

This is a brief example on how to do load testing / stress testing of RAP applications with JMeter.

Recording a test

JMeter allows to record tests by adding a proxy to your browser and simply record the user interactions with the server. This Introduction (PDF) is very useful for getting started with JMeter.

This is a sample proxy configuration that you can load into JMeter 2.3.2.

There are a couple of hints that you need to take into account for recording RAP application tests:

  • Re-Start the browser before recording a test (or make otherwise sure that you are starting with a NEW session, e.g. by deleting the cookies)
  • After recording your test you need to eliminate duplicate requests to the UICallbackServiceHandler (always the second request)

Running a test

  • When running the tests with multiple threads you need to include an HTTP Cookie Manager (Please note that there is a bug in JMeter 2.3.1 for clearing cookies for multiple runs / iterations; see [1])