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RAP/Custom Widgets

There are several ways to create custom widgets for RAP. This article is not a guide on how to create them, but links to the relevant resources and covers some current issues.

SWT-Style Custom Widgets

Those are custom widgets like they are created in SWT. There are two types: Compound widgets and Self-drawing widgets.

This guide by the creators of SWT pre-dates RAP, but is still valid for current SWT/RAP versions. The chapters about native-code can be ignored.

The current RAP developers guide covers some RAP-specific aspects of such custom-widgets.

Related Issues

  • Bug 321274 - Compound Custom Widget Focus
  • Bug 370328 - [Canvas] - Text has wrong z-index
  • Bug 375615 - [GC] - Drawing order of image is not correct
  • Bug 370313 - [Canvas] - Tweak canvas performance in IE7/8
  • Bug 361615 - [Canvas] - Implement SWT.NO_BACKGROUND to avoid clearing the canvas rectangle

Browser-based Custom Widgets

These widgets use HTML and JavaScript, but are not based on RAP-internals. They can be compatible with SWT applications.

The current RAP developers guide gives an overview of the techniques that can be used to create such custom widgets and links to several examples.

Related Issues

  • Bug 363811 - [Browser] certain characters in browser function name crash client]
  • Bug 374244 - SWTException during Browser.evaluate() when trying to retrieve size of browser content
  • Bug 371132 - [BrowserFunction] - Support calls to browser function while another browser function is pending
  • Bug 371133 - [Browser] - Support multiple script executions
  • Bug 323803 - [ipad] Browser-widget/iframe broken

ClientScripting-based Custom Widget

ClientScripting is an Incubator Projects suitable to create RAP custom widgets. It requires at least RAP 1.5.

The current RAP developers guide explaining when ClientScripting is a good solution for creating custom widgets.

Detailed and up-to-date explanation of ClientScripting features.

Related Issues

  • Bug 371089 - [ClientScripting] - Synchronize user data from server to client
  • Bug 371071 - [ClientScripting] [VerifyEvent] VerifyEvent not fired on programmatic changes

RAP-native Custom Widget

Custom widgets based in the internal RAP architecture, like the widgets in the core-framework. Will not run in an SWT-application.

The current RAP developers guide only compares it to the alternative methods.

The RAP 1.4 contains the detailed guide to creating native Custom Widgets. Its based on the older GoogleMaps widget for RAP. Some information may be slightly out of date.

Related Issues

  • Bug 379325 - custom widget "Could not process server response"

IMPORTANT: Your qooxdoo class must no longer extend "CanvasLayout" but "org.eclipse.swt.widgets.Composite".!

  • Bug 324434 - [Client] Define a minimal JavaScript API for custom widgets

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