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RAP/Client Tweaks

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General Information

Important Note: If you are missing a feature in RAP, try asking for it on the newsgroup and/or opening an enhancement request in bugzilla. If a bugzilla entry already exists, vote for it and/or leave a comment. The RAP-team will always consider input from the community when planning new RAP releases. Some of the Tweaks/Hacks described here are temporary workarounds until the corrosponding bug (linked if one exists) is fixed.

In some cases a desired feature or behavior can not be achieved with the RAP Java and CSS (Theming) API. In such cases the alternative might be to write a RAP custom widget (find some here), or to insert a (possibly already existing) javascript-based application using the browser-widget.

However, these are very elaborate solutions, and possibly not needed for minor missing features. A third way would be to tweak/hack the existing client by adding some javascript to the core, or executing it on runtime. For the purpose of this document we will distinguish between "Tweaks" which are relatively save methods using stable API, and "Hacks", which are not supported in any way and might have side-effects or stop working in future versions.

Using the Tweaks/Hacks described here should be relatively quick and easy to use. Finding new ones will most likely require good knowledge of JavaScript and reading/understanding the existing client. If you do find any, please add them to the document.


Adding JavaScript to the client


Executing JavaScript at runtime


Changing client code


Finding new Tweaks/Hacks

The RAP client core is a heavily modified Qooxdoo 0.7.4, with most of the widgets and advances features newly written specifically for RAP. TODO

Known Tweaks


Known Hacks