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RAP/Build Process

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Since version 1.5, RAP is build on the public build server at Eclipse.

Hudson Builds

The build directory is /shared/rt/rap on build.eclipse.org

We have two builds at the Eclipse.org Hudson:

The simultaneous build aggregator:

Procedure for Milestone builds

  • Tag CVS
    • Tag everything that is contained in the rt/org.eclipse.rap module, pattern: vYYYYMMDD_R12-Mx
      • You may need to increase the CVS connection timeout in Preferences -> Team -> CVS -> Connection tab (120 s seem to work)
  • Prepare new base platform in /shared/rt/rap/base-platforms
ssh build.eclipsesource.com
sudo su - build
cd /home/build/rap/build-platforms
    • Download base platform, extract it and include com.ibm.icu.base from http://download.eclipse.org.
    • Download latest Equinox SDK from http://download.eclipse.org/equinox/ and include the following bundles into the base platform:
      • org.eclipse.equinox.servletbridge<code>
      • <code>org.eclipse.equinox.servletbridge.extensionbundle<code>
      • <code>org.eclipse.equinox.http.servletbridge<code>
    • We used to delete all junit4 bundles from the plugins folder, probably not needed anymore (?)
  • Configure the hudson projects to use the new base platform.
  • Build runtime and tooling
    • Set parameter BUILD_TYPE to Mx for milestone builds. Make sure the result's filenames include the build type.
    • Set parameter CVS_TAG to the new tag (see above). DO NOT build milestones from HEAD.
  • Copy notice.html and epl-v10.html into the root directory (eclipse) of the produced zip files (see bug 347659)
  • Sign and publish files. This is currently done by the <code>publish.sh script in org.eclipse.rap.releng
  • Finalize New & Noteworthy
  • Update web site: new & noteworthy, downloads page, add links to previous version to archive page
  • Scan Bugzilla for open bugs that are targeted at the milestone or bugs that are still open but solved, verify target version of closed bugs
  • Notify the newsgroup
  • Announce via Blog
  • Re-deploy demo applications (in oder to demonstrate the new features from the milestone)

Release builds

additional steps to do when creating release builds

  • maintain version number in bundle manifests
  • maintain about.html files, check that they are included in source build
  • update infocenter content and links to infocenter from project home page
  • notify newsgroup and mailing list
  • update help plugin
  • Check copyright year and version number of JavaDoc (search for "JavaDoc" in org.eclipse.rap.releng/tooling/customTargets.xml)
  • Move old builds to archive (dev.eclipse.org:/home/data/httpd/archive.eclipse.org/rt/rap/downloads), update archive page
  • Update the P2-repository URLs of install target action (see class o.e.r.ui.internal.intro.target.InstallTargetDialog)
  • Update the RAP-tooling entry in the Eclipse Marketplace and in the Yoxos Marketplace. They should point to the latest release. (Beyhan)