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Add-Ons for RAP

This is a list of free software that was developed to be used in addition to the core RAP framework. The guidelines and policies of the RAP project do not necessarily apply.

Project Type Host Description Author(s) Links
File Upload util / port RAP Incubator UploadHandler / SWT FileDialog widget Austin Riddle, Ralf Sternberg File Upload,Git,blog
ClientScripting enhancement RAP Incubator Client-side SWT-like event handling Tim Buschtöns, Ralf Sternberg Wiki,Git, blog
GEF port RAP Incubator The Graphical Editing Framework Austin Riddle Git, GEF
CNF port RAP Incubator The Common Navigator Framework Bartosz Michalik, Gunnar Wagenknecht Wiki,Git
Tabbed properties view port RAP Incubator Tabbed properties view Gunnar Wagenknecht Git
Google Visualization Widgets custom widgets RAP Incubator Google Visualization widgets as RAP custom widgets Austin Riddle Git