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PsychoPath XPath 2.0 Processor

PsychoPath is an XPath 2.0 processor based originally on the 2004/10 version of the XPath 2.0 specification. It is currently undergoing testing against the the official W3C Test Suite. It was originally hosted at | SourceForge.net but has since been donated to eclipse.

PsychoPath is currently a part of the wst.xsl component within the Web Tools Source Editing project. It is being used with the XSL Tools editor to provide validation of XPath 2.0 expressions. It's JAR can be used outside of eclipse, and does not have any eclipse dependencies.

Third-Party Dependencies:

  • Xerces-J 2.8.0 or above.
  • CUP 0.10 or above.

Technical Background

PsychoPath was started as a college research project by Andrea Bittau, and others at the University College London. A complete project report on the state of the processor can be found on the original sourceforge site. PsychoPath is an XML Schema aware processor, meaning that it will work with an XML Schema that may describe the XML that it is processing.


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Compliance and Test Results.

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Examples and Tips

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