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Project Management Infrastructure/Migration

As we migrate to the new Project Management Infrastructure (PMI), there will be an (extended) period of time during which we will bridge the old technology with the new.

As new functionality is introduced into the PMI, we will work on updating the corresponding documentation to point to the the functionality.

Functionality Old Retirement plan Status Bugs
Project Metadata Developer Portal Retired Fully migrated to the PMI. See Project Metadata and Release Metadata. TBD
Project Plans XML Files Fall 2013 (Tentative) Fully implemented in the PMI. See Release Metadata. TBD
Reviews Random files Summer 2014 (Tentative) Review information can be specified as part of a release record. The review implementation is functional, but requires more work. There is some documentation here. More documentation is required. TBD
Contribution Questionnaires Developer Portal Fall 2013 Fully implemented in the PMI. See IPZilla (documentation required). Currently running in both the PMI and the Developer Portal. Implementations are functionally equivalent. TBD
IP Logs IP Log Generator Fall 2014 Not started TBD

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