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Project Management Infrastructure/Creating A Contribution Questionnaire

As a committer on an Eclipse Project you will be able to file a Contribution Questionnaire (CQ) by visiting the project page while logged in.

Create a CQ.PNG

Only project committers will see this option. If you are a project committer, and do not see this option, contact the EMO for assistance.

Breaking down the choice to where the contribution in question will reside is key in determining which type of CQ we need to file. Either you want contribute the code to an project and have us host this code in one of our repos or you want to use / or distribute a library hosted somewhere else for use in your project.

CQ Choose Type.PNG

Contribution of code to be maintained at

If the code you are submitting will reside in an repository than you will be presented with a form asking you for the name (title), a description, the reason for filing (initial contribution, bug fix, new feature, moving code), the Bugzilla issue number (if applicable), and declarations about Cryptography and Author(s).

Third-Party Code Request

Should you choose the Third Party option you will be prompted to enter the name of the library you wish to use. We attempt to search the CQ database for any existing libraries that may have already been filed. If you have found a match than you will be filling a Piggy Back CQ and will be able to click continue and proceed to the review stage. If this is a new library you will still be able to continue but will be required to fill out a form with details on the library you wish to file such as the description, urls, license(s), and how the code will be distributed or modified.

Below is an example of the search being executed for a third party library.

CQ Thirdparty Search.gif

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